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Archive Reader for Android

User Manual


Archive Reader is an Android App which is used for loggers in offline logger mode to download data over wireless Bluetooth connection.


Only some of the devices from our portfolio support offline logging mode. Most of the devices are designed for online-type monitoring so please consult your distributor or for information whether your device supports the offline logging mode or not.


  • Minimum Android specification: API level 24 = Android 7 Nougat
  • Bluetooth LE (Bluetooth Low Energy) (Bluetooth Smart)


Latest version of the Archive Reader is available on the following link:

Archive Reader


Archive Reader has a very simple interface. The app uses Bluetooth LE interface to search for the device, connect to the device and download data from the offline archive.

The app can also be used for the following:

  • Setting the time on the device (this will set the same time to the device as is set in the Android)
  • Delete the archive from the device

Using the app

Main screen when the app loads:

Scanning for device. Only applicable devices will show in the scan.

Connected to one specific device:

Downloading archive from the device:

Data downloaded - waiting for user to click on "Save to file"

Once the data have been saved the file can be shared over email or other application by clicking on "Send using email" button.

Downloaded file format

The downloaded file format is in a proprietary binary format. Please contact for information on how to parse the data from the application to data structures.