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DTX-CH Mk1 Battery Charger

Product description Li-Ion based rechargeable battery pack charger. This charger is specifically designed for charging DTeX Mk1 battery packs. No other charger may be used to charge these battery packs.
Full product order name DTX-CH Mk1
Charging speed Max. 1A / max. 6 hours
Mains / input supply 230V AC; Plug: CEE 7/17 (C) plug
Ambient temperatures Charging / in use: 10 to +45 C, Storage: -20 to +50 C
Dimensions without holder or connectors 190 x 75 x 55mm (width, height, depth); weight: 0,9 kg
Approved batteries for charging DTeX Mk1 from Quorum Precision s.r.o.; Do NOT use for any other battery! This is a specific dedicated charger.
Enclosure parameters IP66; seawater proof; corrosion proof; UV resistant according to ISO 4892-2; material: carbon loaded glass reinforced polyester (SMC)
Charging connector HIRSCHMANN 934127100 CA 6 LD

Usage information


DO NOT CHARGE IN ATEX ENVIRONMENTS! This battery charger must not be used in any environment that is treated as potentially explosive.

Charging battery

  1. Connect the battery charger to main power supply
  2. Check the RED LED turns ON and BLUE LED is OFF
  3. Plug in battery pack (set to OFF state)
  4. The BLUE LED will turn ON, once charging is finished the BLUE LED will turn OFF. If the BLUE LED never turns on after connecting battery the battery is already fully charged.
  5. If BLUE LED blinks or RED LED turns off at any time unplug charger from the power supply and have both the charger and the battery pack serviced by manufacturer.

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