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C1QX Sigfox packet format

For C1QX devices from Quorum Precision

Sigfox packet for Temperature + Humidity version

Every Sigfox packet includes three pieces of information:

  • temperature reading
  • humidity reading
  • battery charge / status indicator


Sigfox payload (hex): 01 81 00 28 02 66
HEX substring from Sigfox packetInterpretationExample interpretedDescription
01 81int16_t / 16.0 big endian signed short24.0625 deg. CTemperature
00placeholdermust ignoremust ignore
28uin8_t big-endian unsigned byte40 (% RH)Relative humidity
02 66uint16_t big-endian unsigned short614Battery status

Example parsers


#!/usr/bin/env python3
import struct
import binascii
from pprint import pprint

i = {}
pl = "018100280266"
hpl = binascii.unhexlify("018100280266")
i["temp"] = struct.unpack(">h", hpl[0:2])[0] / 16.0
i["humi"] = struct.unpack(">B", hpl[3:4])[0]
i["batt"] = struct.unpack(">H", hpl[4:6])[0]


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