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Firmware upgrade



  1. Launch application nRF Toolbox, tap button labeled (UART) in "Utils services" section
  2. Wait until your sensor device is detected and listed, tap on the device name to connect
  3. NUS/UART console will launch
  4. Into the section of the consoled labeled "Text to send" insert the following: "unlock apple pie"
  5. Then click "Send"
  6. The device will enter unlocked status. Next type: "dfu"
  7. Then click "Send"
  8. The sensor device will be restarted into firmware loader mode.
  9. Go to the main menu of nRF Toolbox app (using left arrow button in left top corner) and click on the icon labeled "Device Firmware Update / DFU"
  10. Tap FILE->Select and select new firmware file - for example
  11. Tap DEVICE->Select and click on the device in list named "DFU"
  12. Tap on PROGRESS->Start and wait for the device to load new firmware.