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Datasheet: Pressure transducer - type S1QP

Technical datasheet

This technical datasheet is valid for pressure transducers S1QP intended for use with S1Q telemetry system. This datasheet details handling and specification of the device and additional basic product information.

Measurement principles

S1QP is designed to measure absolute pressure, underpressure or overpressure in pipes with different types of medium - for example gases and liquids. The processing thread and main measurement body is made from stainless steel of type DIN 1.4301 (AISI 304 / X5CrNi18 10). The analog to digital measurement is done in the body of the transducer and send over a serial line into the S1QX telemetry unit, which, depending on the configuration, sends the compensated data over wireless network to final destination system - such as SCADA / AWS / TTN or other.

The configuration of the measurement place is stored in the memory of the S1QP transducer, not the telemetry unit, therefore the replacement of the telemetry unit does not require new configuration of the measurement place.

Mechanical characteristics

The transducer is enclosed in robust steel cylinder made from stainless steel. The transducer is connected to the telemetry unit using keyed connector and a large plastic screw to secure the two units securely in place. No tools must be used to tighten the plastic screw. Used plastics is made from ASA plastics, which is treated for withstanding suns UV radiation.

Technical parameters

Type of measurementabsolute pressure, underpressure, overpressure, liquid level (hydrostatic pressure)
Typecommon or intended for potentially explosive environments (Ex)
Max pressure measurement range 0 - 60MPa
Max range of measured medium -40°C to +125°C
Max measurement precision0,1% from measurement range for pressures >=25kPa
0,25% from measurement range for all other ranges;
precision drift contains non-linearity, hysteresis and reproducibility
Additional measurement error due to temperature drift standard: < 0,03 %/10 °C in range 0°C to + 60°C
extended: < 0,03 %/10 °C in range -20 to +60°C
Long-term stability< 0,15 % from range per year
Recommended calibration frequencyOnce every 1 to 2 years
Power supplyfrom S1QX telemetry module
Wireless telemetry optionsBluetooth, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, Sigfox, WiFi, ZigBee, 802.15.4
Measurement nozzle typeM20x1,5; G½; G¼; other - as required by customer
Non-metal parts materialASA - Acrylonitrile styrene acrylate
Metal parts materialDIN 1.4301, resp. AISI 304, rep. X5CrNi18 10
Type of O-ringO-ring 53(internal diameter)x2mm silicone 70 SHORE
Isolation resistance at 500VRIZ > 2 M Ohm
IP rating according to EN 60 529IP 65


Weight: 185g (+- 30g)

Dimensions in [mm]

Connected to S1QX module

Dimensions in [mm]

Markings and labeling

Information on label:

  • Manufacturer and country of manufacture
  • Device type
  • Full device order specification
  • Measurement range
  • Measurement precision
  • Serial ID
  • IP rating

For version intended for use in potentially explosive environments:

  • Safety type Ex specification


The purchase order shall contain the following information:

  • Order reference number and date
  • Invoicing and delivery address (including VAT number)
  • Parts order numbers from ordering table, number of units requested, requested expedition date
  • Type of expedition (for example ex-works, door to door delivery)
  • List of additional options

Order codes

Measurement range (R)
R00-2.5 kPa
R10-4 kPa
R20-6 kPa
R30-10 kPa
R40-16 kPa
R50-25 kPa
R60-40 kPa
R70-60 kPa
R80-100 kPa
R90-160 kPa
R100-250 kPa
R110-400 kPa
R120-600 kPa
R130-1 MPa
R140-1.6 MPa
R150-2.5 MPa
R160-4 MPa
R170-6 MPa
R180-10 MPa
R190-16 MPa
R200-25 MPa
R210-40 MPa
R220-60 MPa
R2380-520 kPa
R24-100-0 kPa
R25-100-100 kPa
R26barometric pressure
R270-2 MPa
RXspecial - on request
Type (V)
V0ATEX - zone 2
VXspecial - on request
Measurement precision in % of measurement range (P)
PXspecial - on request
Type of measurement (M)
M0absolute pressure (against vacuum)
M3liquid level height
MXspecial - on request
Working temperature (W)
W0-20°C to +60°C
W10°C to +60°C
WXspecial - on request
Mounting thread (T)
T3NPT 1/2
TXspecial - on request
Type of measurement nozzle (N)
N0standard (EN 837) (with raised nozzle)
NXspecial - on request
Example: S1QP-R23-V0-P4-M0-W0-T0-NX
NX note by customer: no nozzle, only flat surface with intake

Installation and mounting

Use 27mm spanner to mount the transducer.

Never use tools to tighten the plastic screw of S1QX telemetry unit. Only tighten lightly by hand.

If installing into Ex environment please consult us first for detailed installation instructions.

Consider using surge pressure damper in installations where excess momentary pressure is expected - such as water pipes or other high-density liquids. This can be supplied with the S1QP pressure sensor as an extra option.